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Archaeornis Petronievics in Petronievics & Woodward, 1917

Archaeornis Petronievics in Petronievics & Woodward, 1917 (Proc. zool. Soc. London, 1917, 5 (note). NcZ) "ancient bird"
AHR-kee-OR-nis (Gr. arkhaios "ancient" + Gr. ornis "bird") (m) name proposed for the "Berlin specimen," found at Eichstдtt; described as representing a genus supposedly distinct from the London specimen of Archaeopteryx. Reseachers now think Archaeopteryx had indeterminate growth more typical of reptiles, rather than the combination of rapid juvenile growth with a fixed adult size characteristic of modern birds, and that the minor differences between the London and Berlin specimens do not merit taxonomic separation. [= Archaeopteryx von Meyer, 1861]


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