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Cuspirostrisornis Hou, 1997

Cuspirostrisornis Hou, 1997 (Mesozoic birds of China. Publisher unknown, Place of publication not given: 153. NcZ) "pointed-rostrum bird"
KUH-spi-ros-tri-SOR-nis (Lat. cuspirostris "having a pointed rostrum" + Gr. ornis "bird") (m) referring to the long and slender rostrum on an enantiornithine toothed bird about the size of large sparrow; known from a complete, mostly articulated skeleton with skull (Holotype: IVPP V. 10897) found in the Jiufotang Formation at Boluochi, Chaoyang County, Liaoning Province, northeastern China. Skull 2.7 cm long, 5 teeth on each side of the premaxillary and tip of lower jaws; lower jaw slender and straight; humerus 2.9 cm long, with large internal condyle; ulna 3.2 cm long; radius 2.95 long; sternum has manubium and relatively developed keel; femur 2.73 cm long with large internal condyle; tibiotarsus 3.25 cm long; tarsometatarsus 1.9 cm long; toe-claws large and recurved.
Type Species: Cuspirostrisornis houi [HOH-ie] Hou, 1997: for Hou Jifeng, senior engineer with the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (Beijing). Enantiornithes Cuspirostrisornithidae Early Cretaceous (?Barremian) China [2/2000]

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Type species: Cuspirostrisornis houi Hou, 1997


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