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Achelousaurus Sampson, 1995

a.k.a Achelosaurus

Achelousaurus Sampson, 1995 (J. Vertebr. Paleontol. 15 (4), 27 December: 745 NcZ) "Achelous lizard"
ak-e-LOH-uh-SAWR-us (Achelous (Gr. Akheloos), a mythical river god + Gr. sauros "lizard") (m) named for Achelous, a river god in Greek and Roman mythology who could change shape at will. He transformed himself into a bull to fight Hercules, who defeated Achelous by tearing off one of his horns. The name alludes to the way a large hornless dinosaur evolved from earlier horned ancestors, and the way the animal appears to be a kind of shape changer, since it combines the frill of Einiosaurus with the nasal bosses of Pachyrhinosaurus, two closely related genera. Ceratopsia Ceratopsidae Centrosaurinae L. Cret. NA.

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Type species: Achelousaurus horneri Sampson, 1995


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