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Allosaurus Marsh, 1877

Allosaurus Marsh, 1877 (Amer. J. Sci., (3) 14, 515. NcZ) "strange (vertebra) lizard"
AL-o-SAWR-us (Gr. allos "strange" + Gr. sauros "lizard")* (m) named for its vertebrae. Marsh (1877) says: "distinguished from any known Dinosaurs by the vertebrae which are peculiarly modified to ensure lightness. Although apparently not pneumatic, they have the weight of the centra greatly reduced by deep excavations in the sides," resulting in a constricted shape. The two vertebrae in the fragmentary type specimen were somewhat crushed, however, and later, more complete specimens of Allosaurus showed the centra of the vertebrae had internal cavities typical of other dinosaurs, contrary to Marsh's first impression, although the cavities were probably filled with blood-producing tissue rather than air.
The Latin type species name fragilis [FRAJ-i-lis] "fragile" reflects Marsh's observation that the vertebrae "have the centra hour-glass in form, the middle part being so diminished as to greatly reduce the strength." (Allosaurus does not mean "leaping lizard.") Theropoda Carnosauria Allosauridae L. Jur. NA. (?E. Cret. Aus.)

Allosaurus: "other reptile." A Jurassic theropod found in North America. ~10m long.

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Type species: Allosaurus fragilis Marsh, 1877
Other species: Allosaurus tendagurensis Janensch, 1925
Allosaurus amplexus (Cope, 1878)


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