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Altispinax von Huene, 1923 [nomen dubium]

Altispinax von Huene, 1923 (Bull. geol. Soc. Amer., 34, 453. NcZ) "high spine"
AL-ti-SPIEN-aks (Lat. altus "high" + Lat. spina "spine" + Gr. -ax [animal name suffix]) (m) genus now restricted to a tooth; von Huene proposed the name for both the tooth and a group of "Megalosaurus" vertebrae with high back spines, thus the name. The Greek animal-name ending suffix -ax (as in Platax, Labrax, Scolopax, etc.) is probably by analogy with Cuvier's shark genus Spinax. (See Becklespinax Olshevsky, 1991). Theropoda i.s. E. Cret. Eur. [nomen dubium]

Видовой состав

Type species: Megalosaurus dunkleri Dames, 1884
(= Altispinax dunkleri (Dames, 1884))


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