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Ammosaurus Marsh, 1891

Ammosaurus Marsh, 1891 (Amer. J. Sci., 42, 267. NcZ) "sandstone lizard"
AM-o-SAWR-us (Gr. ammos "sand" + Gr. sauros "lizard") (m) alluding to the Connecticut River Valley sandstones, where the fossil was found. The original specimen was almost complete, but Marsh was only able to save the posterior portion--the anterior part was in a sandstone block used in constructing the South Manchester Bridge in Connecticut. The bridge was demolished in 1969, and researchers at Yale were able to retrieve some additional fossil material. Prosauropoda Plateosauridae E. Jur. NA.

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Type species: Anchisaurus major Marsh, 1889
(= Ammosaurus major (Marsh, 1889))


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