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Anchiceratops Brown, 1914

Anchiceratops Brown, 1914 (Bull. Amer. Mus., 33, 539. NcZ) "near horned face" ("intermediate (frill) horned face")
ANG-ki-SER-a-tops (Gr. agkhi "near, close" + Gr. kerat- (keras) "horn" + Gr. ops "face") (m) named for its supposed close affinity to both Centrosaurus (which Brown called Monoclonius) and Triceratops as "one more link in the morphological chain by which the ceratopsian crest has been developed," with a squamosal "intermediate in length between Monoclonius and Triceratops." According to Brown, "If we compare a series of skulls of Monoclonius, Anchiceratops and Triceratops, representing respectively the succeeding geological formations, Judith River, Edmonton and Lance, the squamosals are to seen to lengthen in each succeeding type and the lateral fontanelles, which were very large in Monoclonius, are much reduced in Anchiceratops, and have entirely disappeared in Triceratops. Thus we see a gradual backward extension of the squamosal with a lateral expansion of the central part of the crest." Brown's analysis is contrary to the modern understanding of ceratopsian evolution--Centrosaurus belongs to a different subfamily (Centrosaurinae), and is not closely related to Anchiceratops or Triceratops, which belong to the Chasmosaurinae. Ceratopsia Ceratopidae Chasmosaurinae L. Cret. NA.

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Type species: Anchiceratops ornatus Brown, 1914


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