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Anchisaurus Marsh, 1885

Anchisaurus Marsh, 1885 (Amer. J. Sci., (3) 29, 169. NcZ) "near lizard"
ANG-ki-SAWR-us (Gr. agkhi "near" + Gr. sauros "lizard")* (m) named to indicate its supposed primitive intermediate nature, between ancestral forms and later dinosaurs. Originally described by Marsh as "one of the oldest known members of the Theropoda," the dinosaur has been reclassified as a herbivorous prosauropod, and redated from the Late Triassic to the Early Jurassic. The type specimen was originally called Megadactylus polyzelus E. Hitchcock Jr., 1865, the generic name being preoccupied. The type species name polyzelus (Gr. polyzelos) po-li-ZEE-lus "much coveted" was chosen, as Hitchcock explains: "in allusion to the fact that for so many years other remains than simply tracks of the former inhabitants of the Connecticut valley have been eagerly and anxiously sought for, and that now we have the much coveted bones." (To replace the preoccupied name Amphisaurus Marsh, 1882 (1877 NcZ), with a similar meaning.) Prosauropoda Anchisauridae E. Jur. NA. (?CAs. ?SAfr.)

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Type species: Megadactylus polyzelus E. Hitchcock Jr., 1865
(= Anchisaurus polyzelus (E. Hitchcock Jr., 1865))
Other species: Anchisaurus colurus Marsh, 1891


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