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Animantarx Carpenter, Kirkland, Burge & Bird, 1999

Animantarx Carpenter, Kirkland, Burge & Bird, 1999 (Vertebrate paleontology in Utah. Utah Geological Survey Salt Lake City: 244 NcZ) "living fortress"
an-i-MAN-tahrks (Lat. animant-animans) "living" + Lat. arx "fortress, citadel")* (f) named based on Richard Swann Lull's observation regarding ankylosaurs, that as "an animated citadel, these animals must have been practically unassailable..." (Lull, 1914). Animantarx is a medium-sized Pawpawsaurus-like nodosaurid, known from a partial skull and right mandible, and a partial skeleton, including vertebrae, ribs, both scapula-coracoids, humerus, femur and left ilium with ischium (Holotype: CEUM 6228R (Prehistoric Museum, College of Eastern Utah)); found in the Cedar Mountain Formation (Mussentuchit Member), eastern Utah. Animantarx has a high-domed cranium, very small post-orbital "horns," small quadratojugal "horn," and an elongated coracoid about 63% the length of the scapula. Skull is estimated at 25 cm (10 in.) long, suggesting the entire animal was about 2.8-3 m (9-10 ft.) long. The generic name was suggested by Ben Creisler.
Type Species: Animantarx ramaljonesi [RAM-al-JOHNZ-ie] Carpenter, Kirkland, Burge & Bird, 1999: for "Ramal Jones, who discovered the specimen using a modified scintillometer in an area with no bones exposed". Ankylosauria Nodosauridae Early Cretaceous (Albian-enomanian) NA. [added 10/99]

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Type species: Animantarx ramaljonesi Carpenter, Kirkland, Burge & Bird, 1999


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