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Ankylosaurus Brown, 1908

a.k.a Anchylosaurus, Ancylosaurus

Ankylosaurus Brown, 1908 (Bull. Amer. Mus., 24, 188. NcZ) "fused lizard"
ANG-ki-lo-SAWR-us (c.u.: ang-KIE-lo-SAWR-us) (Gr. agkylos "bent, crooked" [with the applied anatomical meaning "stiff" or "fused" as in "ankylosed," "ankylosis"] + Gr. sauros "lizard") (m) alluding to a range of anatomical features in which bones have coossified or fused together: the skull has "plates coossified in a continuous surface over the top and sides of the skull"; the massive scapula and coracoid are "coossified and curved"; the four posterior dorsal ribs "are firmly coossified to the vertebrae" to form "a rigid framework for the support of the dermal armor;" and the armor itself has plates "coossified to heavy bone" that "represent part of a continuous shield" covering "part of the posterior dorsal or pelvic region." The 1908 type material was missing both the coossified overlapping caudal vertebrae and the massive club of fused dermal plates at the tip of the tail, however. Brown characterized the family Ankylosauridae as having the "backbone stiff," and noted the wide, bowed shape of the animal's ribs and its supposed "strongly arched" back (an error based on a presumed resemblance to stegosaurs and glyptodonts--ankylosaurs had rather flat backs); thus, the additional meanings "stiff lizard" and "curved lizard" probably should be read in the name Ankylosaurus as well. Ankylosauria Ankylosauridae L. Cret. NA.

Анкилозавры - самые бронированные из динозавров. Спина и голова у них были защищены костяными пластинами, рогами и шипами. Туловище достигало ширины 2,5 м. Отличительным признаком была большая булава, которой заканчивался хвост.

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Type species: Ankylosaurus magniventris Brown, 1908


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