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Arrhinoceratops Parks, 1925

Arrhinoceratops Parks, 1925 (Univ. Toronto Stud., Geol. Ser., 19, 5. NcZ) "hornless-snout face"
a-RIEN-o-SER-a-tops (Gr. a- "not, without" + Gr. rhin- (rhis) "nose, snout" + Gr. kerat- (keras) "horn" + Gr. ops "face") (m) named to indicate the supposed lack of the nasal horn typical of other large ceratopsians: "The nasal horn core is apparently absent, but the nasal bone is sharp above and somewhat rugose, suggesting that it may have carried a horny sheath." Ceratopsia Ceratopidae Chasmosaurinae L. Cret. NA.

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Type species: Arrhinoceratops brachyops Parks, 1925


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