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Asiamericana Nessov, 1995

Asiamericana Nessov, 1995 (Dinosaurs of northern Eurasia: new data about assemblages, ecology and palaeobiogeography. University of Sankt-Petersburg, Sankt-Petersburg: 45. NcZ) "Asiamerican (tooth)"
AY-zha-MER-i-KAHN-a (Gr. Asia "Asia" + New Lat. America "America" + -ana) (f) alluding to the occurrence of similar fossil teeth in Central Asia and North America, regions forming a connected land mass during the Cretaceous referred to as "Asiamerica"; based on three teeth found in the central Kyzylkum desert, Uzbekistan, comparable to other teeth found in Kazakhstan and North America that have been illustrated but not formally described. NOTE: Nessov cautions that these unusual teeth may belong to saurodont fish rather than to dinosaurs. ?Theropoda ?Spinosauridae L. Cret. CAs. (Uzbekistan)

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Type species: Asiamericana asiatica Nessov, 1995


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