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Astrodon Johnston, 1859 [nomen dubium]

a.k.a Astrond, Astrood, Astrodom

(= Astrodonius Kuhn, 1961)

Astrodon Johnston, 1859 (Amer. J. Dent. Sci., 9, 337 [n.n.] NcZ) "star tooth" (= Astrodon Johnston in Leidy, 1865 www.dinosauria.com (Smithson. Contr. Knowl., 14 (6), 102. NcZ))
AS-tro-don (Gr. astron "constellation, star" + Gr. odon "tooth") (m) In 1859 Dr. C. Johnston briefly mentioned the teeth of a "thecodont saurian" he named Astrodon in a paper on the teeth of Hadrosaurus, but provided no description. He sectioned one tooth for viewing under a microscope, and the name Astrodon alludes to the rather starburst-like "multitude of minute tubuli radiating from the narrow elliptical section of the pulp cavity" as later described and illustrated by Leidy. The external form of the teeth was spoon-shaped, typical of brachiosaurids. Treated by some researchers as a valid senior synonym of Pleurocoelus. Sauropoda Brachiosauridae E. Cret. NA [nomen dubium] (?Pleurocoelus Marsh, 1888)

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Type species: Astrodon johnstoni Leidy, 1865


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