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Aublysodon Leidy, 1868 [nomen dubium]

Aublysodon Leidy, 1868 (Proc. Acad. nat. Sci. Philad., 1868, 198. NcZ) "backward-flowing (?) tooth"
aw-BLIS-o-don (Gr. au "back, backwards; again; contrariwise" + Gr. blys- (blyzo) "flow, spout forth" + Gr. odon "tooth") (m) Leidy did not provide a derivation or explanation for the name, which may allude to what he noted as the "quite peculiar" form of the teeth: the two cutting edges (carinae) are shifted to the backside to give a semi-cylindrical D-shaped cross section, contrasting with the blade-like front-and-back placement of the cutting edges in Megalosaurus teeth. Leidy proposed the name Aublysodon for three D-shaped teeth, two serrated and one unserrated, that he had previously included with some reservation in the type specimen of Deinodon horridus. (See Deinodon Leidy, 1856.) Ken Carpenter designated the single unserrated tooth as the lectotype of Aublysodon mirandus in 1982. A number of isolated teeth and two incomplete specimens of carnivorous dinosaurs found with unserrated premaxillary teeth are currently attributed to the genus. Not all researchers agree that the type tooth is diagnostic, however, and the name Stygivenator Olshevsky, 1995 recently has been proposed for the so-called "Jordan theropod," found in Montana, and generally identified as Aublysodon. (Aublysodon is not a misspelling of "Amblyodon" "blunt-tooth" as sometimes suggested; Leidy or his colleagues would have noted and corrected such an obvious error according to 19th-century nomenclatural practices. If the interpretation of the name proposed here is accurate, Leidy may have formed the unusual combination aublys- by analogy with Greek verbs such as apoblyzo (stem apoblys-) "flow forth," anablyzo (stem anablys-) "spout upwards," katablyzo (stem katablys-) "pour down," etc., and aueryo "pull backwards" (explained incorrectly as au "backwards" + eryo "drag, pull" in 19th century editions of Greek lexicons). The meaning "back, backwards" (= Latin retro, rursus) for Greek au is rejected by modern classical scholars, although that definition was listed in most 19th century Greek lexicons and grammar books available to Leidy.) Theropoda Coelurosauria Tyrannosauridae L. Cret. NA. [?nomen dubium]

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Type species: Aublysodon mirandus Leidy, 1868
Other species: Aublysodon amplus Marsh, 1892
Aublysodon cristatus Marsh, 1892


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