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Bambiraptor Burnham, Derstler, Currie, Bakker, Zhou & Ostrom, 2000

Bambiraptor Burnham, Derstler, Currie, Bakker, Zhou & Ostrom, 2000
(Univ Kans Paleontol Contrib New Ser 13, March 15: 2. NcZ) "Bambi robber"
BAM-bee-RAP-tor (Bambi (fictional baby deer) + Lat. raptor "robber") (m) from the widely used nickname "Bambi" given the holotype specimen of a "raptor" (dromaeosaur) theropod by the Linster family, who found the fossil; referring to the animal's small size (after the baby deer named Bambi in children's literature, best known from a 1942 Disney animated cartoon). Bambiraptor is known from a nearly complete skeleton of a juvenile (75% adult size) (Holotype: FIP 001 (Florida Institute of Paleontology, Graves Museum, Dania Beach, Florida)) found in 1993 in the Two Medicine Formation near Byrum, Montana by Wes Linster, then 14 years old; scattered bones apparently belonging to at least 2 adult individuals of Bambiraptor were also found in the same deposit. Bambiraptor represents the most birdlike dromaeosaurid found to date, showing many resemblances to Archaeopteryx, including extremely long forelimbs that could move and fold like bird wings, as well as birdlike shoulders, a large sternum and a well-developed furcula (wishbone)--if the animal had large feathers along its arms in life, it is possible, but not certain, that it may have had rudimentary flying abilities. The type specimen is about twice as large as Archaeopteryx, making the animal an estimated 1 m (3 ft) long in life, weighing about 7 pounds. The skull of Bambiraptor is proportionately larger than in Archaeopteryx, lightly built with large openings and an inflated braincase. The feet have large slashing claws on the second toe, typical of dromaeosaurs. The tail is incomplete, but is stiffened by thin overlapping bony rods as in other dromaeosaurids; it was preserved with a distinct upward curve (possibly an artifact of preservation). The first chevron under the tail is long and slender, similar to that found in male crocodiles, suggesting the type specimen of Bambiraptor may be a juvenile male.
Type Species: Bambiraptor feinbergorum [fien-buhr-GOH-ruhm] Burnham, Derstler, Currie, Bakker, Zhou & Ostrom, 2000: "honoring Michael and Feinberg, who recognized the significance of this fossil and have generously encouraged our research and preservation of this fossil for science." The species name was originally spelled "feinbergi", but the rules of nomenclature in the ICZN Code (4th Edition) require that the spelling be emended to use the Latin genitive plural ending -orum because the name honors more than one person.
Theropoda Maniraptora Dromaeosauridae Late Cretaceous (Campanian)NA [added 5/2000]

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Type species: Bambiraptor feinbergorum Burnham, Derstler, Currie, Bakker, Zhou & Ostrom, 2000


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