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Beipiaosaurus Xu, Tang & Wang, 1999

Beipiaosaurus Xu, Tang & Wang, 1999 (Nature (Lond) 399 (6734), 27 May: 351 NcZ) "Beipiao (China) lizard"
bay-pyow-SAWR-us (Beipiao + Gr. sauros "lizard") (m) named to indicate a dinosaur found near the city of Beipiao, in the Yixian Formation in Liaoning Province, northeastern China. Beipiaosaurus is known from an incomplete skeleton (vertebrae, parts of the front and back limbs, with hands and feet, plus a lower jaw (dentary bone) with teeth) (Holotype: IVPP V11559 (Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Beijing)). The remains come from ancient lake beds in Liaoning famous for fossils of birds and small dinosaurs preserved with traces of soft tissue--the Beiopiaosaurus material includes impressions of feather-like filaments (between 50mm and 70mm long) near the legs, arms and shoulders. The shape of the lower jaw closely resembles that of therizinosaurs (segnosaurs), a still poorly understood group of dinosaurs that appear to be plant-eating theropods. Beipiaosaurus differs from known therizinosaurs in a number of features, most notably a proportionately larger skull, shorter and more bulbous tooth crowns, feet with three rather than four large toes, a longer hand, an ilium similar to that of dromaeosaurs in shape, a crest on the tibia, and compressed metatarsals. The authors conclude that Beipiaosaurus is a basal (primitive) therizinosaur, retaining some primitive theropod characters as well as others found in coelurosaurs. They classify Beipiaosaurus as a member of the Coelurosauria that is closer to the Oviraptorosauria than are other members of the Therizinosauroidea such as Alxasaurus or the more derived family Therizinosauridae. Estimated 2.2 meters (7.3 ft) long.
Type Species: Beipiaosaurus inexpectus [in-ek-SPEK-tuhs] Xu, Tang & Wang, 1999 "unexpected": "referring to the surprising features of the animal." Theropoda Coelurosauria Therizinosauroidea Early Cretaceous(?) China [added 6/99]

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Type species: Beipiaosaurus inexpectus Xu, Tang & Wang, 1999


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