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Cedarosaurus Tidwell, Carpenter & Brooks, 1999

Cedarosaurus Tidwell, Carpenter & Brooks, 1999 (Oryctos 2: 22 NcZ) "Cedar Mountain lizard"
SEE-duh-ro-SAWR-us (Cedar + Gr. sauros "lizard") (m) "named for the Cedar Mountain Formation from which the type specimen was collected." Cedarosaurus is a medium-sized brachiosaurid known from a partial skeleton (Holotype: DMNH 39045 (Denver Museum of Natural History)), including vertebrae, ribs, front and back limb bones, pelvic bones, portions of the scapulae and coracoids, foot bones and gastroliths, found in the Eary Cretaceous (Barremian) Yellow Cat Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation, western Utah. The dorsal and caudal vertebrae as well as the slender metacarpals identify the specimen as a brachiosaurid--the humerus and femur are almost the same length, indicating the long forelimbs typical of brachiosaurs. Cedarosaurus was probably around 14 m (46ft) long based on the proportions of other brachiosaurs, with a humerus 1.38 m long and a femur 1.395 m long.
Type Species: Cedarosaurus weiskopfae [WIES-kop-fee] Tidwell, Carpenter & Brooks, 1999: "for the late Carol Weiskopf for her work in the field and lab."
Sauropoda Brachiosauridae Early Cretaceous (Barremian) NA

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Type species: Cedarosaurus weiskopfae Tidwell, Carpenter & Brooks, 1999


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