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Centrosaurus Lambe, 1904

Centrosaurus Lambe, 1904 (Ottawa Natural., 18, 33. NcZ) "spur (frill) lizard"
SEN-tro-SAWR-us (Gr. kentron "spur, sharp point" + Gr. sauros "lizard") (m) Lambe explains: named "in allusion to the remarkable inwardly directed hook-shaped processes springing from the posterior border of the frill." The original specimen was an isolated crest. More complete skulls with a large single nose-horn were only identified later, and the two hook-shaped spurs of bone that face each other at the very top of the frill are the source of the name, not the prominent nasal horn as commonly stated. Lambe originally misidentified a piece of another hook-like bony process that projects downward over the parietal opening on each side of the frill as part of a nasal horn.
(The name Centrosaurus Lambe, 1904 is not preoccupied. Centrosaurus Fitzinger, 1843 (Syst. Rept., 78, 79. NcZ) (Reptilia NcZ) was first published as a junior synonym of Phrynosoma in Fitzinger's Systema Reptilium--then wrongly listed as a junior synonym of Heloderma by Romer in 1956, in invalid usage. Under ICZN 1985 Art. 11 (e), Fitzinger's genus name does not appear to meet the requirements of an available name for purposes of scientific nomenclature--it was not used before 1961 as a valid genus name nor cited as a senior homonym of another taxon.) Ceratopsia Ceratopidae Centrosaurinae L. Cret. NA.

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Type species: Monoclonius apertus Lambe, 1904
(= Centrosaurus apertus (Lambe, 1904))


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