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Ceratops Marsh, 1888 [nomen dubium]

Ceratops Marsh, 1888 (Amer. J. Sci., (3) 36, 477. NcZ) (See Proceratops Lull, 1906.) "horned face"
SER-a-tops (Gr. kerat- (keras) "horn" + Gr. ops "face")* (m) named for its small brow horns. Marsh says: "The present genus appears to be allied to Stegosaurus of the Jurassic, but differs especially in having a pair of large horns on the upper part of the head." He originally thought the horns projected sideways and were "somewhat similar to the large posterior pair of protuberances in Meiolania," an extinct Australian "horned" turtle. Marsh did not recognize the frill and the forward pointing position of the brow horns of ceratopsians until his 1889 description of Triceratops. Recently discovered material may belong to this historically important but poorly known genus, and could clarify its taxonomic identity. (The name is not preoccupied. Ceratops Rafinesque, 1815 (Analyse, 66 [n.n.]. NcZ) (Aves NcZ) was only published as a name in a list of bird genera, and never received a formal description. It is therefore a nomen nudum and not valid for purposes of homonymy.) Ceratopsia Ceratopidae Centrosaurinae L. Cret. NA. [?nomen dubium]

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Type species: Ceratops montanus Marsh, 1888


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