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Charonosaurus Godefroit, Zan & Jin, 2000

Charonosaurus Godefroit, Zan & Jin, 2000 (C R Acad Sci Ser II A Sci Terre Planetes 330 (12), 30 Juin: 877. NcZ) "Charon's lizard"
ka-ROH-no-SAWR-us (Gr. Kharon (mythical boatman) + Gr. sauros "lizard") (m) named for Charon, the boatman in Greek and Roman mythology who ferried the souls of the dead across the River Styx in Hades; alluding to the discovery of the specimens on the south bank of the Amur River, dividing China from Russia. Charonosaurus is a very large lambeosaurine hadrosaur (estimated around 10.8 m (36 ft) long), known from a partial skull (Holotype: CUST J-V1251-57 (Changchun University of Sciences and Technology, Changchun, Jilin Province, China)) found in the Late Maastrichtian Yuliangze Formation, west of Jiayin village, Heilongjiang Province, northeastern China. Adult and juvenile hadrosaur remains discovered in the same area and formation likely represent the same taxon and supply information on most of the postcranial skeleton; the femur length was up to 1.35 m. (4.5 ft). The partial skull resembles that of Parasaurolophus and probably had a similar long, backward-projecting hollow crest, indicated by the highly modified dorsal surface of the frontal bones. Charonosaurus is one of the largest hadrosaurs currently known from Asia and indicates that lambeosaurines survived till the very end of the Cretaceous (lambeosaurines are not known from the Late Maastrichtian in North America).
Type species: Charonosaurus jiayinensis [jyah-yee-NEN-sis] for the type locality at Jiayin village, Heilongjiang Province, northeastern China. Ornithopoda Hadrosauridae Lambeosaurinae Late Cretaceous (Late Maastrichtian) China [added 12-2000]

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Type species: Charonosaurus jiayinensis Godefroit, Zan & Jin, 2000


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