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Chondrosteosaurus Owen, 1876

Chondrosteosaurus Owen, 1876 ((Pal. Soc. Monogr.), Rep. Wealden Purbeck, Suppl. 7, 1, 5. NcZ) "cartilage-boned lizard"
kon-DROS-tee-o-SAWR-us (Gr. khondros "cartilage" + Gr. osteon "bone" + Gr. sauros "lizard") (m) named for the cartilage that supposedly filled the bone. Owen says: "I deem it much more probable that the large cancelli obvious at every fractured surface of the vertebra were occupied in the living reptile by unossified cartilage, or chondrine, than by air from the lungs." Sauropoda Camarasauridae E. Cret. Eur.

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Type species: Chondrosteus gigas Owen, 1876
(= Chondrosteosaurus gigas (Owen, 1876))


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