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Citipati Clark, Norell & Barsbold, 2001

Citipati Clark, Norell & Barsbold, 2001 (Journal Vertebr. Paleontol. 21 (2), 20 July: 209. NcZ) "lord of the cemetery"
CHIT-i-puh-tih (Sanskrit citi "funeral pyre" + Sanskrit pati "lord")* (m) named for "the lord of the cemeteries in Tantric Buddhist tradition, typically depicted as a human skeleton." Citipati is a moderately large oviraptorid (estimated 2+ m (7 ft) long) known from a nearly complete skeleton (Holotype: IGM 100/978 (Institute of Geology, Mongolia)), plus a partial skeleton overlying a nest and an embryonic skeleton inside an egg, found in the Late Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian) Djadokhta Formation at Ukhaa Tolgod, Gurvan Tes Somon, Omnogov Aimak, Mongolia. Differs from other oviraptorids in that the dorsal part of the relatively shortened skull is shifted anteriorly (with an anterodorsally sloping occiput and quadrate, a parietal much longer along the midline than the frontal, an ascending process of the jugal perpendicular to the horizontal ramus rather than extending posterodorsally, external naris nearly circular, an ascending process of the premaxilla vertical rather than sloping posterodorsally); it also lacks the parietal crest found in Oviraptor. The cervical vertebrae are more elongated than in other oviraptorids (approximately twice as long as they are wide). The ischia form a symphysis distally. Skull length 17.2 cm. Citipati is about 50% larger than Khaan and Conchoraptor.
Type Species: Citipati osmolskae [os-MOL-skee] Clark, Norell & Barsbold, 2001: for Halska Osmolska, Polish vertebrate paleontologist, "for her work on oviraptorids and other Mongolian theropod dinosaurs." Theropoda Oviraptorosauria Oviraptoridae Late Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian) Mongolia [added 8-2001]

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Type species: Citipati osmolskae Clark, Norell & Barsbold, 2001
Other species: Citipati sp. Clark, Norell & Barsbold, 2001 (IGM 100/42)


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