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Claosaurus Marsh, 1890

Claosaurus Marsh, 1890 (Amer. J. Sci., (3) 39, 423. NcZ) "broken lizard"
KLAY-o-SAWR-us (Gr. klao "break" + Gr. sauros "lizard") (m) probably named for the broken-up way the type specimen was collected--pieces were recovered at different times some years apart. Marsh first identified remains of a "small dinosaur" from the Niobrara of Kansas as Hadrosaurus agilis in 1872. After Cope's description of "Diclonius mirabilis" [= Anatotitan copei (Lull & Wright, 1942)] in 1883, Marsh restudied his own "Hadrosaurus" material, and reclassified the form as a distinct genus in 1890, explaining that "after the species was described, the writer again visited the locality, and secured other portions of the skeleton, so that now the more important parts are available for comparison." The name may also reflect the condition of the specimen: some of the bones were partially crushed (typical for Niobrara fossils and a detail Marsh does not mention) and most of the skull was missing. Marsh considered the dinosaur's solid limb bones diagnostic (Hadrosaurus had hollow limb bones), and later identified well preserved fossils of a large Lance hadrosaur (now Edmontosaurus) as "Claosaurus" as well. He gave the new form the species name annectens (a-NEK-tenz) "intermediate, transitional" (literally Latin for "connecting together"), alluding to its limbs, which combined features of both bipeds and quadrupeds (including a hoofed manus), and thus "linked" the limb structure of Camptosaurus and Stegosaurus. Marsh's 1892 skeletal restoration of "Claosaurus" annectens [= Edmontosaurus annectens (Marsh, 1892)] was once commonly used to represent a typical hadrosaur. Ornithopoda Hadrosauridae Hadrosaurinae L. Cret. NA

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Type species: Hadrosaurus agilis Marsh, 1872
(= Claosaurus agilis (Marsh, 1872))


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