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Coelophysis Cope & Colbert, 1964
[nomen conservandum]

Coelophysis Cope, 1889 (Amer. Natural., 23, 626. NcZ) "hollow form"
SEEL-o-FIE-sis (t.L.m.: see-LOF-i-sis) (Gr. koilos "hollow" + Gr. physis "form, nature") (f) named for the hollow elements of the skeleton: "the vertebrae...with most of the bones of the limbs are hollow, having large central cavities surrounded by thin walls." The original fragmentary specimens collected by David Baldwin do not appear to be diagnostic. E. H. Colbert identified well-preserved skeletons found at the Ghost Ranch site in New Mexico in 1947 as Coelophysis, and established the modern usage of the name. Following controversy over the lack of a type specimen adequate to establish the taxonomic identity of the genus Coelophysis, the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (Opinion 1842) assigned a new type specimen (neotype) displayed in the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH 7224), as requested in a petition presented by Colbert and others. (See additional comments at Rioarribasaurus Hunt & Lucas, 1991.) Theropoda Ceratosauria Podokesauridae L. Trias. NA.
Coelophysis: "hollow form." A Triassic theropod found in North America. ~3m long.

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Type species: Coelurus bauri Cope, 1887
(= Coelophysis bauri (Cope, 1887))
Other species: Coelophysis willistoni (Cope, 1887)


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