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Cristatusaurus Taquet et D.A. Russell, 1998 [nomen dubium?]

Cristatusaurus Taquet & Russell, 1998 (C R Acad Sci Ser II A Sci Terre Planetes 327 (5), Septembre: 350. NcZ) "crested lizard"
kris-TAY-tuh-SAWR-us (Lat. cristatus "crested" + Gr. sauros "lizard") (m) named for a rostrum that narrows abruptly after the tip into a "dorso-posteriorly rising longitudinal crest" along the top of the snout; based on fragments of an upper and a lower jaw (MNHN GDF 366), as well as some referred dorsal vertebrae. The animal is identifiable as a spinosaur from the 7 premaxillary teeth. The teeth have finely serrated carinae, as in Baryonyx, but the tip of the snout is short, not long as in the British genus. The type material was discovered in 1973 at Gadoufaoua in Niger and first described in 1984 by Taquet--the short, hook-shaped tip of the upper jaw was originally misidentified as part of a dentary rather than a premaxilla.
Type species: Cristatusaurus lapparenti [lap-a-REN-tie] Taquet & Russell, 1998: "in recognition of Albert F. de Lapparent, S.J., [1905-1975] for his contributions to the knowledge of Saharan dinosaurs, and his generous assistance during the field season of 1966."
Theropoda Tetanurae Spinosauroidea Spinosauridae Early Cretaceous (Aptian) Afr. [entry added 11-98]

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Type species: Cristatusaurus lapparenti Taquet & D.A. Russell, 1998


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