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Albertosaurus Osborn, 1905

Albertosaurus Osborn, 1905 (Bull. Amer. Mus., 21, 265. NcZ) "Alberta (Canada) lizard"
al-BUHR-to-SAWR-us (Alberta (for Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria) + Gr. sauros "lizard") (m) named for Alberta Province, Canada, where the fossils were found. Theropoda Coelurosauria Tyrannosauridae L. Cret. NA.

In 1991 Fastovsky and co-workers presented the results of a three year field study that looked at family-level diversity of dinosaurs in the Hell Creek Formation (HCF) of Montana. However, their findings suggested that extinction was sudden and that there was no evidence (probability < 0.05) of a gradual decline in dinosaur diversity. In fact, all eight dinosaur families recorded in the study ranged into the upper third of the Hell Creek Formation. Both species below, Triceratops and Albertosaurus, have been found in the HCF.

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Type species: Albertosaurus sarcophagus Osborn, 1905
Other species: Albertosaurus grandis (Marsh, 1890)


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